Back to Basics Workshop

Back to Basics
Gibb Mansion
218 Gates Ave
Brooklyn, NY
Tuesday Evenings

Flyer Attached

Stewart B.

Our Five Week 12 Step/Big Book Workshop is COMIN' back. We start again: Tuesday, SEPTEMBER 06th at 8 PM in Brooklyn.

Same as before – Gibb Mansion cafeteria – 218 Gates Ave (same place as Living With Gratitude Group in meeting list) only different night. . Bring Big Book, pen & own coffee, tea etc.

No dues or fees !

Please help us spread the word. If you would maybe make copies of the attached flyer & pass it on. If you give ‘em to a Group’s secretary and pass ‘em around at meetings you attend, you may help prevent relapse or assist someone enter the joy of living like never before in their recovery. Consider it a Twelfth Step call.

In Fellowship & Spirit,

Melinda O & Rodney HBB FLYER 2016 Sept 6 Oct 4 BB FLYER 2016 Sept 6 Oct 4 BB FLYER 2016 Sept 6 Oct 4

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